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About Us


Highlife Clothing is the lovechild of three ambitious Sydney students who have spent the past three years of their lives juggling full-time work for a professional services firm and a university degree.

Having commenced our professional careers at the age of 18 we were exposed to corporate life at a very young age and saw the corporate world from a unique, bright-eyed perspective. Our biggest take away from this experience was that there needs to be more individualism and greater opportunity to express yourself in an environment that’s riddled with red-tape and protocols. Too often, creativity and inspiration is subdued in an office environment and we wanted that to change!

Our goal for Highlife Clothing was to inspire others to speak out for what they believe in and to continue to express themselves! We aim to create a network of individuals who can identify with a brand that personifies their ambition.

Our designs are intentionally loud and stylish, to enable you to stand out, speak out and be great! That’s what the ‘Highlife’ means to us!

Thank you for your support! We’re so humbled that others want to share in our vision and identify in our brand! We have done this for the people around us and it means the world to us that people appreciate it!